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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hello Forum, my first post.

Probably older than most of you experts, but oddly in love with anything having to do with computers. Hey, some women knit, I code. Deal with it!! lol

I'm just about to build a new computer (from the motherboard on up which will be a first for me, installed just about everything else hardware-wise).

I've dabbled here and there with html, css, php coding over the years

List failing to display in an in-line fashion, are the floats to blame?...

Registered User Join Date Jul 2014Posts 19http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EJtuq

First off, try not to be too envious of my awesome site...

secondly, can any one of you geniuses explain to me what's preventing the UL i situated at the top of the content section from being inline?

Is it the float of the sidebar and content divs that's causing it?

oh, and, in regards to the overflow:hidden code in the css, are the corresponding comments i made accurate?...

How to test license validation via REST API

I am writing test case using PHPUnit to check the above method. I am able to cover all cases except one case in which a domain license should return true in is_valid xml node.

The REST API is so secured that it does not accept request from IPs that are not listed in their whitelist. And if someone is making a request from a non-whitelisted IP the API returns a false value for is_valid (and this is how I am covering the case for false)

I know this can be done using a mock object but I am not really sure how to write a mock object that can cover the case where a domain name is valid. Can someone please help?

Thanks in advance

[RESOLVED] Controlling image location in new window

I'm building a small art site that will use thumbnails of the works being displayed. Some of the thumbnails are clickable, to produce a larger image in a new window.

The current code for each image is:

search for functions names within iframes in firebug

Registered User Join Date Mar 2012Posts 38Hi There!!

I am debugging a web page with iframes using Firebug.

In Firebug, in the 'script' section, if I search for a function name using Ctrl

Trying to get a video onto my page - failed ?

Registered User Join Date Apr 2005Posts 160Hi

I have been trying to get a video onto my web page, playing with Windows Media Player, for the first time, but it will not work ? This is the code I've been using: The file is .avi file titled "me" and stored in my Mp3 folder. Can anyone see where I am going wrong ?

Thanks for any help !

Friday, August 8, 2014

Flexible Box Model

Registered User Join Date Aug 2014Posts 1so this is probably a stupid question but im teaching myself how to do this so here we go ;p

iv been playing around with s finding the best ways to set everything up and it seems to me that i should be able to use a

-webkit-box-align: center;
to center the 2 boxes im using then a
-webkit-box-align: stretch;
to stretch the left of the 2 boxes to fit a box with a max height of 500
there is the main section with both boxes im using Code: