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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A chat on Javascript's professional use / interested in some resource suggestions

Registered User Join Date Aug 2014Posts 1Hey all, I'm new to the forum (obviously), thanks for having me. I'm a current programming student / developer intern. Have touched many languages and technologies including a modest amount of web development.

The thing is I've never pushed Javascript to its limits before and I'm curious to learn a little more about its use in the real world. It seems like the language has a whole whack of interesting features (closures, passing functions around, prototype inheritance, etc.) but I don't understand how a lot of Javscript's more 'unique' features are useful. I assume they are, or they wouldn't be a part of the language, I just haven't been forced to use any of them.

My understanding of basic web development is something like this: you have html documents and CSS and use Javascript to manipulate the look and behaviour of the html document which only seems to require basic id selecting and use of simple javascript features. I'd assume if you needed to stretch Javascript to it's limits you'd be doing some pretty hardcore web development, does that sound correct?

Otherwise I'm curious if anyone can recommend any interesting readings on the language. I had 'Allonge' suggested to me a while ago, am interested in some more stuff.

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